First post

Hey readers (who most likely don’t exist yet!)

I would like to thank everybody who has discovered this blog, and has continued to read this post! Since this is my very first post I would like to share some things about this little lady here!

First off, my name is May

I have one lovely older sister who is a whopping two years and twenty days older than me. She is caring (although bossy) but she has always been my favorite playmate!

I live up in Canada, eh? Over in ontario, which is in between Quebec and Manitoba.

I have two extremely cute cats (who both have instagram accounts) and they are black and white! I have attached there photos down at the bottom.

Now to wrap up my very fist post, I would like to say is everybody ready to go back to school and college so soon? For those who have already began there dreadful school year, I feel for you! But for those who are still soaking some rays, do you think that summer has really gone on long enough?

The teachers surely think so!

Until next time,